Managed Monitoring - Security Technology Services (STS)
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ULC listed Fire Monitoring Systems

Video Camera

CCTV System

Environmental  Systems


Burglar Alarm Systems

  • Has your insurance company, local fire department, or building department asked for a ULC certificate.  For more information on ULC and why its critical, click here.  ULC is the only assurance you have that your system meets or exceeds all local and national codes, protection without compromise.
  • Be in FULL compliance with the building code.

Our systems can be setup to immediately identify camera fail, camera tamper, camera blocked.  We also offer cloud based storage solutions.

Do you have areas that need to be monitored for Low temperature, or freezing?  We have many solutions for monitoring low/hi temperature, low/hi humidity, smoke detection for server racks are lan rooms.

We provide instant information on any condition that can be monitored, with people that you can reach who know and understand your site.  Tired of being a number, you won’t be. If you are a need to know right away kind of person, our exclusive E-Alerts ar for you.

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