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Our alarm systems are easy to operate, user friendly, and sleek. They fit any size organizations needs and budget. Our systems are monitored 24/7/365 to protect what you’ve built.

For Small Business

It’s about adding that extra bit of security. That piece of mind with what you have built in the neighbourhood. You are a trusted source in your community, so make sure your business’ security is trusted with us. Whether if you are a small to medium sized business, we have great solutions to help give you peace of mind.

For Big Business

It’s about having that strong infrastructure. STS offers a wide product line of integrated commercial security systems and solution. We will enhance your security, protect employees and the safety of your working environment. We have systems that will give you a return time and time again by keeping your valued business safe.


DSC KeypadDigital Security Controls (DSC) Systems is probably the largest manufacturer of a full line of security components.  Products are made in Canada for quality.

Whether you need a simple 6 point alarm system, or one that provides up to 128 points, we have the product for you.

Already have a system? Give us a chance to help you enhance it.

Ask about the difference between ‘standard monitoring’ and our Managed Monitoring Service.

If you don’t want to be a number with a big company, give us a try…we care.


  • telecom-339828_640Our systems can operate on:
  • Landline
  • VoIP (voice over IP)
  • IP (LAN, WAN)
  • Cellular


  • Keypad
  • Motion
  • Glass break
  • Smoke
  • Low temp

As well as standard alarm system components, our sophisticated system can also monitor an environmental condition such as high or low humidity, area flooded, generator running, generator fail, and many more.  Give us a call to discuss any condition that needs 24x7x365 monitoring.  We have creative solutions to meet your needs.

Monitoring Services

  • guards monitoring screens24/7 ULC listed.  Do you want to be in FULL complaince with the building code.  Has your insurance company, local fire department, or building department asked for a ULC certificate.  For more information on ULC and why its critical, click here.  ULC is the only assurance you have that your system meets or exceeds all local codes, protection without compromise.
  • Open close tracking by user.  Who turned my system on or off.
  • Trouble tracking.  All systems respond and report troubles to our fully staff monitoring facility.
  • Automated email reports Don’t want to have to call us for a report, need the information at your finger tips? Our automated reports are delivered to your inbox, daily, weekly, or monthly
  • E-Alerts.  This is for the ‘need to know it as it happens person’.  On any event, we’ll immediately send you a message.

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