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Your Complete Property Security Solution

Our easy-to-use systems are for those with one or even multiple properties. This system was developed to provide busy landlords and property managers full control over their buildings  via any smart device. We have complete property security system that includes Control Systems, Swipe Card Systems, Locks, Elevator Monitoring Systems, CCTVs and Sprinkler and Fire Monitoring Systems.

Telephone Entry Intercom Systems

Brands We Carry




Swipe Card Systems

Types of  Credential Readers

Vandal Resistant

Do you have a challenging environment? These will continue to operate during repeated attempts of vandalism.

Keypad/Swipe Reader

perfect for electrical, garbage, sprinkler, irrigation, Bell, Cable rooms. Setup codes that automatically erase themselves to give to trades. Expire them by day or preset them for monthly deletion. Keep your property under control without comprising security or wasting your time waiting for a trade.

Bullet Proof

The title says it all.

Standard Swipe Reader

Provide fobs to trusted trades, tenants, and staff. Track everything! Add/change/delete fobs quickly from your smart phone.

Swipe Card Systems We Carry


Types of Locks

Whether you need a standard door strike or a fire rated one, HES is the best choice for long term trouble free operation.

Electromagnetic locks are the perfect solution if you need to ensure a door is held closed.  Almost impossible to defeat, they hold the door closed with at least 1500 lbs of pressure.  Because these locks hold the door closed, they are required to release upon a Fire Alarm trigger, or power failure.  Depending on the jurisdiction you are in, one or more permits are required to legally use these locks.

Contact us, if you have locks that don’t comply but need them. We can help.

Elevator Emergency Telephone Monitoring Systems

Our response to elevator calls are lightening fast with operator that can calm people down while getting help.

Sprinkler / Fire Monitoring Systems

  • Has your insurance company, local fire department, or building department asked for a ULC certificate.  For more information on ULC and why its critical, click here.  ULC is the only assurance you have that your system meets or exceeds all local and national codes, protection without compromise.
  • Be in FULL compliance with the building code.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring

  • From Simple 4 camera systems, to complex HD quality IP solutions, we have the solutions and experience.
  •  Watchnet
    • NVR
    • Cameras

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